TRYstars Kids program











The TRYstars Schools program is delivered in partnership with the Australian Government and the Australian Sports Commission under the Sporting Schools initiative. Schools can apply for funding of the TRYstars program Here

  • Building confidence, skills and fitness for all abilities
  • Engagement through fun, dynamic team activities
  • Game based development

What skill are required?

Ability to swim 50 metres and ride unaided without the use of training wheels.

The Coach

TRYstars and working with children accredited, Simon has extensive experience coaching Junior program for Triathlon Victoria, Lauriston Girls’ and Weet-Bix kids Tri Programs.


Term 1 and 4  delivered before during or after school hours


Your school or  local facilities


To participate in TRYstars Schools, the cost is nil as the program is covered under the Australian Sports Commission’s Sporting Schools initiative.

(Subject to facility costs and numbers…speak to Simon for more details)

M 0402827986

What to bring:

  • Road or mountain bike (with or without gears and road worthy)
  • Helmet
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Run shoes
  • Smile







Run skills intensive

The Benefits

Simon will asses your stride and economy with video analysis

then build a targeted strategy towards efficient running


Key to building run economy is profiling individual body type, mobility and conditioning.

Testing is conducted on a track ensure pacing, alignment and gait are accurately assessed

  • 8 core compartments essential to running are analysed and reviewed
  • 12 supporting compartments essential to economy are measured for review

Running form is unique to each person, video analysis at varying pace

in both race and training shoe ensure the skill rebuild delivers new economy

With more speed for less effort, your training moves to injury free, natural running

How can I join

Simon facilitates 1 hour skill intensives open to group and individuals

Your investment

Program athletes          $120.00

Casual attendance       $150.00

Maximum numbers apply  for quality assurance

Session Video and handouts included

Chat with Simon to learn more: 0402 827986

Run Skills development

Run skills intensive

Develop valuable skills while avoiding the library of misconceptions soaking the internet

Motor skills are tuned and assessed sequentiality creating a ripple effect towards better form

Coupling video analysis, specific drills and dynamic flexibility in sequence will produce

faster running for less effort


Key to a run economy build is profiling individual body type, range of motion and conditioning.

Assessment is conducted on a track to accurately measure pacing, alignment and gait

  • 8 core compartments essential to running are analysed
  • 12 supporting compartments essential to economy evaluated

How can I join

Simon facilitates 2 hour group skill intensives

Your investment

Program athletes          $40.00

Casual attendance       $120.00

Maximum  numbers apply  for quality assurance

Contact Simon for details: 0402 827986

Bright Camp

Bright Training Camp Melbourne Cup weekend  

 Saturday October 29th to Tuesday November 1st

  • New run trails for 2016 

Held annually, athletes shake out from the cold with 4 days of high country training

  • Conquer Victoria highest peaks
  • Level to suit every athlete
  • Accommodation booked in advance
  • Bright Brewery and barbecue night
  • Support vehicle on rides
  • Friendly and fun training crew
  • Enjoy the Bright Spring festival

Rides include Falls creek and Hotham while runs navigate some of Victoria’s best National parks

Just ride to enjoy or in prep for Tour of Bright and Summer cycling and triathlon race season

Saturday Ride  150km roll out 8am from Ginger Baker Cafe 100m East of Bright Brewery Map

  • Heading north on the Tour of Bright loop with 2 medium climbs.
  • Day 1 short loop Map
  • Strong riders leave the Short loop crew at the 90km mark and continue for a longer day of 135 to 175km
  • Drop your bikes on the grassed area in Centenary park up stream of Morses Creek Map
  • Post ride dip the legs for 10m cold water therapy in ovens river

Hotham Summit








Saturday Run (optional) 4pm from Rivers edge Map

  • Run 50 mins e2 out e3 temp return!
  • Following Murray to Mountains rail trail via Camp st >Wood st > Trail
  • On completion,  cold water leg recovery from Centenary park up stream of Morses Creek Map

Sunday Ride  Hotham Summit Day 2 Map   120km roll out 8am Ginger baker cafe. Map

  • Fast guys will do a little extra over the top
  • Best to have a 27 tooth rear and 39 tooth front chain ring for this climb!
  • The group will split so please BYO pump, phone, gels money, warm gear
  • It will be cold, bring layers and don’t wait at the top
  • Re group at a Harrietville café in for a coffee and spin back to Bright
  • Recover the legs post ride at Centenary Park  ovens river

Monday Ride 70km Falls creek Summit plus Run in Mt Beauty

  • Ride from Mt beauty to Fall Creek
  • Run 50min easy e2 to low e3 pace around the lake

Tuesday Ride 80km Mt Buffalo summit (optional)

  • Ride to the Chalet and  return

Book in advance with Simon..accommodation fills fast!

Bright camp is free of charge for Jarasport members and family (excluding accommodation)

Non members just $95.00

Jarasport cycling jersey is compulsory during rides, contact Simon for purchase (Jersey 75.00)




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