Run skills development

Change the way you run for good!

If you have hit a wall with ongoing injury or reached a plateau, this is for you.

Just two session will give you the skills and drills to economical fast running

Testing your strength, mobility and ability to activate muscle groups is essential.

Improving economy is key to finding injury free run speed!

As a coach I often see movement patterns that are supporting poor form.

This lack of movement awareness can be up skilled through refined drill training.

Simon re-tunes posture, muscle activation and coordination from unskilled to skilled

A new run awareness will deliver the flow and speed you have been looking for

Simon will take you through a holistic screening that will identify flaws and deliver

step by step solutions

What you get:

Private consultation including  x2 1 hour sessions

  • Video analysis
  • Stride angles and gait analysis
  • Sweet spot run metrics


Personal 12 week training program with coach support

  • Training program delivered daily with video presentation of your drills
  • Activation, mobility and stretch routines
  • Sessions matched to your ability

Your investment 






    Coach and Owner