Swim Stroke correction

Swim stroke correction

Optimise your performance and reduce your risk of injury 

Simon will identify your faults and give you a step by step solution towards confident, fast swimming
Leading world cup and world championship swims over 10 years of professional racing, this is your opportunity for change!

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    • Strength, stretch and mobility exercises specific to your swimming
    • Take home drills and practice sessions
    • Stroke analysis ( underwater and above)
    • Body position
    • Breath timing and control
    • Six week Swimming program in Training peaks
    • Video links with skills and drill routines
    • Tailored training and pace guidelines
    • Sweet spot pace and stroke rate drills
    • Coach support via phone and Training peaks.
    • Building injury free efficient swimming


Your investment now will change the way you swim for life!

X2 70 minute private consultation plus ongoing support $395.00 (lane hire included)

Simon, I watched the video, it is an amazing piece of technology. You think you are doing half decent in the water but then see yourself and realise what you are not doing. thanks for the advice and for the tips from the video. 

– John Gough



    Coach and Owner