Indoor spin class:

Tuesdays  6:00am to 7:30am

DISC International Velodrome, Melbourne

What to Bring:
Road bike, towel and water bottle; showers available at the centre

  • Bikes are fixed onto Minoura wind trainers (no balance required)
  • Targeted skill development 
  • Dynamic sessions utilising power, heart rate and cadence

Set up your heart rate and power training zones free of charge during session; the coach will advise the protocol
Watch the session in action

Saturday ride group:

Saturdays  7:30am –  Free of charge

Bean around Cafe    Clifton Hill

What to Bring:
Water bottles x2 ,pump, gels, bars, cash

Simon will familiarise you with rider safety including drafting, group etiquette and pacing

Details of ride:
Short loop – complete 80 to 110 km ( 150 to 230 watts average)
Longer loop complete approx 180km in summer with extended e3 aerobic sections

The group pacing is led from the front with every ride starting easy in the first 60 minutes

This may sounds intimidating until you try. Come along and if you’re not up to the pace or skill level, consider a private cycling skills session with Simon to improve confidence and get you up to speed


    Coach and Owner