Swim squad

Training sessions structured for you!

  • Powerful skills and drills every session
  • Video analysis for all squad swimmers
  • Dynamic sessions improving your form, fitness and speed


Northcote YMCA – 50m outdoor heated pool

Monday and Wednesday 6:00am to 7:30am

Cost: Pool entry plus $10.00 to the Coach on deck…no lock in

Join a welcoming environment where learning, fitness and motivation are nurtured at your own pace!

Discover new drills and skills with video analysis incorporated into swim training 

Fast lane time cycles are designed for high end age group to elite swimmers, while the slow lane is more open; with the coach selecting sets based on personal fitness.

Fins are used extensively to add form and distance for swimming beginners
To see if you are ready to begin with the slower lane, complete a 500m swim with just 5 second rest each 50m lap
If you are unable to complete the 500m with short rest, consider stroke correction with Simon to fast track your progress towards squad level


Training toys supplied

      • Hand paddles
      • Kick board
      • Thera Bands
      • Aquapulse
      • Wetronome

Essential swim training toys 

      • Hand paddles
      • Kick board
      • Training swim fins 
      • Mesh Gear bag
      • Pull Buoy

Swim toys worth owning:

      • Tempo Trainer
      • Garmin 920xt triathlon watch

“Just keep swimming”– Dory (Finding Nemo)


    Coach and Owner